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Urban Ecology: Making the Living City

Join us January the 15th, 15:00 for Building as Being: Making the Living City, with presentations in the context of the 'Urban Ecology: Building as Being' course, that I organised for the Rotterdamse Academie van Bouwkunst. The lecture series explored the crosssection between Architecture (from ἀρχι- ‘chief’ and τέκτων ‘creator’) and Ecology (from “oikos” = house “Logos”: study), both studies of the house. How can we merge these disciplines, to create niches, dwellings and shelters within the ecosystem, in harmony with the environment?

The lectures series aimed to enhance the awareness of the bigger systems modern day architects are part of. In dialogue with experts from various fields, we trace back the origins of architecture, beyond the human, beyond the living: drawing from the fields of geology, chemistry, biology, returning into the realm of the humanities -philosophy, psychology, and neurosciences. All lectures will be avaiable at the Waag Vimeo soon!

Design for the 'Green Auditorium' by Nancy Smolka

  • Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta

    Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta

    FINALLY THIS BABY IS OUT!! In this manuscript, we show that the ‘calcite precipitation rates’ (the growth rate) of tiny shells called ‘foraminifera’ are REALLY fast compared to the rates of ‘inorganic’ (non-living) calcite precipitated from seawater. This is because of the intriguing ‘biomineralization’ mechanisms that foraminifera use to grow their shells out of seawater. We tracked the rates by adding and removing the element Strontium to the seawater in which the shell was growing, in intervals, allowing us to visualise the growth rates.

    What can we learn from these ‘micro-building-mechanisms’? Spending so much time looking through the microscope, in amazement of unicellular organisms growing intrinsic mineral shapes, is the main source of inspiration my current project ‘Building as Being’. So thanks to all the Japanese foraminifera that were part of this experiment 🐚 And a big thanks to all co-authors at NIOZ, Utrecht and JAMSTEC! You can find the manuscript here

  • Blobs of order: being in between below above

    Blobs of order: being in between below above

    HYPER excited to be part of the Science of Consciousness conference 4th of November, organised by a.o. my wonderful fellow IAS-fellow Prof. Sarah Durston. Other speakers and panelists include physicist prof. Erik Verlinde and psychiatrist Iain McGhilchrist, so ehm no pressure!

  • Comenius - Leadership in Complexity

    Comenius - Leadership in Complexity

    For the Comenius course 'leadership in complexity' I will share some of the lessons I learned from foraminifera, about permeability, boundaries and building between chaos and order, with leaders from various fields ~ hoping cross-polinate between arts, science and society. Thrilled to share the floor with my former lecturer Prof. Sander Bais! Upcoming editions: 11th of November '21 and 17th of March '22.