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Happy to be featured in the yearly AMOLF news magazine!

  • Interactive Building Workshop Waag

    Interactive Building Workshop Waag

    Together with Waag, Jeugdland and landscape architect Thijs de Zeeuw, I organise a building workshop for kids: about how to grow 'urban areas' in interaction with plants and animals, 21-22 Oktober. For kids between 8-11 years old! ... Insect with tiny house image by Florian Geerken.

  • Blobs of order: being in between below above

    Blobs of order: being in between below above

    HYPER excited to be part of the Science of Consciousness conference 4th of November, organised by a.o. my fellow IAS fellow Prof. Sarah Durston. Other speakers and panelists include physicist prof. Erik Verlinde and psychiatrist Iain McGhilchrist, so ehm no pressure!

  • Urban Ecology: Building as Being at RAVB

    Urban Ecology: Building as Being at RAVB

    Building as Being: the Sequel! In September and October 2021, Studio Esmee Geerken, Waag & the Rotterdamse Academie van Bouwkunst organise the lecture series 'Urban Ecology: Building as Being'. In this series we explore the crosssection between Architecture (from ἀρχι- ‘chief’ and τέκτων ‘creator’) and Ecology (from “oikos” = house “Logos”: study), both studies of the house. How can we merge both disciplines, to create niches, dwellings and shelters, in harmony with the environment, instead of disrupting the environment?

    This lectures series aims to enhance the awareness of the bigger systems you are part of, as human beings, and as architects. In dialogue with experts from various fields, we trace back the origins of architecture. Beyond the human, beyond the living: drawing from the fields of geology, chemistry, biology, extending into the realm of the humanities -philosophy, psychology, and neurosciences. All lectures will be made avaiable through the Waag website later this fall. Stay tuned for more info soon!

  • Comenius - Leadership in Complexity

    Comenius - Leadership in Complexity

    For the Comenius course 'leadership in complexity' I will share the lessons I learned from foraminifera, about permeability, boundaries and building between chaos and order, with leaders from various fields ~ hoping to share ideas and cross-polinate between arts, science and society. Upcoming editions: 11th of November '21 and 17th of March '22.