Past Exhibitions, Lectures and Workshops (in construction)

  • The Body & the Landscape

    The Body & the Landscape

    It was a pleasure to give my talk 'Build like a Shell' at the Body & the Landscape evening organised by Festival WhyNot, 5th of August at Tolhuistuin.

  • Fieldnote Workshop Waag

    Fieldnote Workshop Waag

    What is a field note? In this writing workshop, we will collectively expand on the idea of what a field note is. Who for example is the audience of the field note? Can a field note be directed towards nature itself? Is it possible to create field notes based on a more equal dialogue, that blurs the dichotomy between the human observer and objectified nature? We would like to widen the scope as to what a field note can be, as part of an artistic and explorative practice.

  • Artistic Research Research Group

    Artistic Research Research Group

    Build like shell at the ARRG

  • IAS kickoff Talk

    IAS kickoff Talk

  • Chalk Talk WarmingUp festival

    Chalk Talk WarmingUp festival

    De Onkruidenier invited me to give a ChalkTalk during their Sweet Sweat installation at the WarmingUp festival at Tolhuistuin. Performative lecture at Tolhuistuin exploring sounds of calcification, considering seeing our house as a part of our body, tested 'human exoskeletons' made from organic-mineral materials, and questioning if one day we can precipitate our buildings from of seawater, like the exoskeletons and micro-shells of our unicellular marine ancestors foraminifera, while two microscopic mineral architectures were appearing out of liquids and colliding, grown by scientist Marloes Bistervels in the Self-Organizing Matter lab. You can still listen back to the lecture as a podcast