Past Exhibitions, Lectures and Workshops (incomplete list ~ in construction)



Happy to be featured in the yearly AMOLF news magazine!

  • KABK Fault Lines Symposium

    KABK Fault Lines Symposium

    What a wonderful day of conversations and talks by friends Jeff Diamanti, Jasper Coppes and Vibeke Mascini at the KABK Fault lines Symposium, and great to participate in a dialogue with Vibeke after her talk! Programme

  • Interactive Building Workshop Waag

    Interactive Building Workshop Waag

    Build like a beast! Together with Waag, Jeugdland and landscape architect Thijs de Zeeuw, I organised a building workshop for kids: how to grow 'urban areas' in interaction with plants and animals? ... Insect with tiny house image by Florian Geerken.

  • The Body & the Landscape

    The Body & the Landscape

    Build like a Shell at the Body & the Landscape evening organised by Festival WhyNot, 5th of August at Tolhuistuin.

  • Fieldnote Workshop Waag

    Fieldnote Workshop Waag

    What is a field note?

    In this writing workshop, we collectively expand on the idea of what a field note is. Who for example is the audience of the field note? Can a field note be directed towards nature itself? Is it possible to create field notes based on a more equal dialogue, that blurs the dichotomy between the human observer and objectified nature?

  • Artistic Research Research Group

    Artistic Research Research Group

    So wonderful to give an IRL talk again, to a wonderful audience! Build like shell at the ARRG

  • IAS kickoff Talk

    IAS kickoff Talk

  • Building as Being Symposium

    Building as Being Symposium

    What does it mean to build today, how did building evolve over time and how shall we build in the future? Does our expanding human ego, seeking to capture the world in models, floorplans and blueprints, interfere with our ability of being in the world? Can we alternatively approach building as a way of growing, being and existing in interaction with our environment, in line with the proto-Indian European roots of the word 'building' (growing, being, existing)? What can we learn from the self-organizing building mechanisms of non-humans and crystals for future urban ecologies? The Building as Being Symposium explores these questions in dialogue with experts in the field of urban design, material science, sociology and art, covering three scales: The City, The Mind and Matter. Find all episodes here!

  • Interview by Tonya Sudiono / Waag

    Interview by Tonya Sudiono / Waag

    Tonya visited the Planet B container at Amsterdam Science Park for an interview. Thanks Tonya!

  • Chalk Talk WarmingUp festival

    Chalk Talk WarmingUp festival

    De Onkruidenier invited me to give a ChalkTalk during their Sweet Sweat installation at the WarmingUp festival at Tolhuistuin.

    We explored sounds of calcification, considered seeing our house as a part of our body, tested 'human exoskeletons' made from organic-mineral materials, and questioning if one day we can precipitate buildings from of seawater, like the exoskeletons and micro-shells of our unicellular marine ancestors. Meanwhile, two microscopic mineral architectures appeared out of liquids, grown by scientist Marloes Bistervels. Listen back to the lecture as a podcast!

  • Ars Electronica

    Ars Electronica

    Performative experimental online talk at Keplers garden @Ars Electronica . Watch back here.